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Instadapp Protocol: Extensible Modular DeFi Middleware
Total Value Locked
DeFi Smart Accounts
Smart contract account owned by the users to manage & optimize funds across any number of protocols
100% trustless
We ensure that the system is 100% trustless and only you've access to your funds.
Built for developers
Designed for developers to build extensible use-cases and models with maximum security.

Developer First

Build compelling use-cases and monetize their models to earn money by serving your users with high reliability.

  • Start with your own use case
  • Execute rapidly with Javascript
  • Open to all developer team sizes
  1. let spells = dsa.Spell()
  2. spells.add({
  3.   connector:  "maker",
  4.   method:  "open",
  5.   args:  ["ETH-A"],
  6. })
  7. spells.cast()

Make DeFi better for everyone

Create powerful use cases for your users with just javascript code, without worrying about smart contracts & expensive audits.

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