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Instadapp’s Governance Token

Instadapp’s governance token INST fulfills the tenet of decentralization. The INST token will align incentives with users, developers and businesses to provide stewardship of Instadapp's future. The INST tokenholders will determine the evolution and direction of the Instadapp platform.

INST Tokenholders will govern:

Authority Framework

The Authority Framework opens the DeFi Smart Account to new use cases with modular account authorisation and contract specific permissions. Developers can create new use-cases around idle assets in DSA accounts, find ways to provide yield or increase capital efficiency by developing new liquidity pathing or build automated account managers.

System Upgrades

Contract upgrades are executed and managed by the governance token contract, token holders will vote on system upgrades, platform parameters and other code changes.

Liquidity and Bridges

Instadapp maintains multiple bridges and liquidity sources for refinancing and cross-chain asset management, token holders will govern the decisions and evolution of these liquidity sources.

Ecosystem Funds

Token holders will manage the allocation of Ecosystem funds and the DAO's treasury to be utilised for building partnerships, liquidity, integrations and any other funding that maybe needed by the DAO and community.

Account Extensions

The DeFi Smart Layer allows for new use cases to be built upon the DeFi Smart Accounts. DSA can access additional modules that bring new functionality to the accounts, such as a yield seeking extension, or an extension that utilizes DSA liquidity for additional purposes. Governance will manage how extensions are added to the Instadapp platform.

What is the DeFi Smart Layer?

The DeFi Smart Layer (DSL) is DeFi infrastructure for utilizing and accessing DeFi protocols, the DSL is comprised of several components, the primary module is the DeFi Smart Account (DSA) a smart contract wallet built for accessing the DSL.

The DeFi Smart Account is the hub for the DeFi Smart Layer. INST tokenholders will determine what protocols are integrated, what features are built, and what strategies are available on the main GUI. DSAs are currently used for management of DeFi positions across some of the largest lending protocols such as Compound, Maker and AAVE. As additional protocols are integrated, governance will direct how new features and implementations are added.

The Authority Framework opens the DeFi Smart Account to new use cases; with modular account authorization, idle assets in DSA accounts could be ‘utilized’ across accounts, this allows of some unique use cases like using the idle assets to earn interest, provide liquidity on a bridge, or create new liquidity pathing.

For the current developments please see here

Current Developments

Governance Flow

1. Community Engagement

  • Engage with the Instadapp community, share your proposal idea using the Governance forum and Discord. Find support through polls and off-chain signalling.

2. Development Review

  • (Only for Contract/Code Changes) Submit a Development
  • Review with the Development Team to review and audit any code changes.

3. Proposal

  • Submit a Proposal to the Instadapp DAO and gain support from INST holders.
  • If the Proposal reaches quorum, the changes are submitted to the smart contracts.

4. Implementation

  • The Instadapp contracts will implement the contract upgrades in two days.
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